WRIGHT J-5 Part 2

Outside turning of the casting. Crank case.

Inside turning of the casting

Deckel optical rotary table. Marking out cylinders and valve lifters.

Pump centre for exact alignment

Finished crankcase (except for the bolting holes for the cylinder)

Front cover, crank case and compressor housing.

Copressor side.

Planetary gear housing.

18 BA6 screws. Tap drill 2.3 mm.

Gear box

Gear box

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31.08 | 08:25

hello sir, Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon ...

18.08 | 19:40

Congratulations This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

08.02 | 05:36

Dear Sir My son manged to get his hands on Schaublin 135. He requires a ...

06.02 | 17:48

That is beautiful. Awesome motor. I love the usage of a lot of brass too. Im...