Standard side

General overview of the workshop.

New upgraded workbench august 2014.

Schaublin 135, 1969 model.

Nikon measurescope.

Deckel FP3 CNC 2102 and Opus Brevettata filing machine.

Schaublin 135

Deckel FP1

Aciera 22 VA, 37-4000 rpm.

Professor Alastair Hannay pays a visit to my workshop.

Cincinnati no2 (sold in 2014)

Deckel SO, Ixion drilling machine 900-10000 rpm.

Aciera 22 VA

Deckel SO

Hensoldt Wetzlar center microscope, and the Hoffman dividing head.

Just visible to the left is the Mössner Rekord bandsaw.

Ixion drilling machine.

The Turncraft 1440 made in Taiwan is one of my few far east made machines. A perfect machine for less delicate work.

Schaublin 135.

Fernando 13.02.2020 19:27

Wonderful workshop, wonderful machines, I think heaven is something like this workshop, what a delight.

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31.08 | 08:25

hello sir, Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon ...

18.08 | 19:40

Congratulations This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

08.02 | 05:36

Dear Sir My son manged to get his hands on Schaublin 135. He requires a ...

06.02 | 17:48

That is beautiful. Awesome motor. I love the usage of a lot of brass too. Im...