V8 aero engine. 10.6 cc. overall length 114 mm (4.5 in); width 83 mm (3.25 in)

and height 79 mm (3.125 in) 

According to Eric Whittle, the constructor of this V8 engine,

the engine contains 550 components, over 280 of which are moving parts.

Crankcase With front and rear bearing house.

Tap holder for 12 BA (tap drill 1.05 mm)

Turning of the crankshaft using the Klopfer eccentric chuck.

Finished crankshaft.

Cam follower guides in brass.

Camshaft with 16 cams.

Cam shaft milling fixture.

Lapping of the cylinders.

Mirror finish.

Grinding of the crankshaft

White metal for the bearings of the connecting rods.

Connecting rods with white metal.

Crankshaft with connecting rods.

Drilling valve ports.

Cylinder heads first stage.

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