Dismantling and cleaning.

Spindle house with bronze bearings. not a pretty sight at the moment.

A lot of parts even for a small machine.

Machine base empty.

Machine green, my favorite color.

Lots of small parts that had to be painted, and this is not all of them.

Rebuilding the main fixture and later gluing in a new cast iron sleeve.

This shaft was very worn. I turned it down and heat-shrunk in a new tube. This was then turned down to the right size.

Starting to look good. The main shaft seems to run good in the bearings.

Look at those diamonds, thank you Rüdiger.

Owners manual in English 31.08.2022 08:25

hello sir,

Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon model 175a in English.

Could you send me by email?

Thanks and regards,

Thomas (none) Barr 10.01.2019 03:52

I need the following:
1. Owners manual in English
2. The handles used to lock the cross bar
3. Any and all accessories
4. Grinding wheels for HSS Lathe bits

Office of Thomas Barr IV
3855 Noyac Road
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Tel: 631-725-7447
Fax: 631-72

Edvind 13.08.2018 19:37

Thank you. I only use oil and it is the same oil as the cutting oil. Good luck with your machine.

olivier orliaguet 13.08.2018 17:14

Hy, Very nice restoration of your sharp agathon, I'm restoring the same model. What do you use oil? or fat? for the slide bar and toolholder?best regards Olivie

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hello sir, Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon ...

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Congratulations This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

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