Sometimes it is hard to even imagine the hidden beauty of an old worn machine like this.

My yard on a calm day with almost the right temperature and only a few mosquitos. All machine parts for the Schaublin 70 and 11 A in fresh 2K spray paint.

Main parts fresh in paint.

The bed has visible scraping marks and will later undergo a complete new scraping procedure.

The lathe spindle head is now ready. New precision bearing (on this machine type, only at the front) The quick change lever system is blued and the rest painted.

Cut-off slide.

Mounting faces on the base scraped.

Mounting faces scraped to ensure an exact contact with the base.

Transferring the blue to the lathe bed.

Scraping the top of the lathe bed.

Still a long way to go.

Here I have used a yellow marking color first, and then transferred the blue marking color from the master. The yellow color should be applied in a very thin layer.

32 points per square inch.

Roberto Minozzi 05.11.2021 09:32

Good morning, this shaublin 70 is for sale ?

kvart2006 16.03.2021 10:42

I have the same lathe. I am unable to get off the headstock. How is this done? Thank you.

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18.08 | 19:40

Congratulations This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

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