This model is based on a Swedish fishing boat engine, originally a 2-stroke semi diesel. The castings and drawings are made by Emidio Gattafoni in Italy. Emidio is a fantastic model engine builder and have made many very nice models. I am very grateful to Emidio that has provided me with a set of castings, drawings and a lot of help during my build of this engine.
Turning the crankshaf
cylinder liner

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31.08 | 08:25

hello sir,

Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon model 175a in English.

Could you send me by email?

Thanks and regards,

18.08 | 19:40


This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

08.02 | 05:36

Dear Sir
My son manged to get his hands on Schaublin 135. He requires a wiring diagram that is not cut off like on many of the online manuals.

06.02 | 17:48

That is beautiful. Awesome motor. I love the usage of a lot of brass too. Im sure you are an excellent surgeon too.