Pappa i aksjon
kontroll, det har pappa
legg merke til pappa sin nye blå'e jobbfrakk.
under redigering av
Johanne Seip Wold

Nå har vi tatt mange fine bilder av pappa og verkstedet. Det var koselig! 🙂

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31.08 | 08:25

hello sir,

Please need manual instruction of grinding machine agathon model 175a in English.

Could you send me by email?

Thanks and regards,

18.08 | 19:40


This machine is not an ordinary lathe. Its a dream !

08.02 | 05:36

Dear Sir
My son manged to get his hands on Schaublin 135. He requires a wiring diagram that is not cut off like on many of the online manuals.

06.02 | 17:48

That is beautiful. Awesome motor. I love the usage of a lot of brass too. Im sure you are an excellent surgeon too.